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    Is traveling healthy?

    Leaving constipation, parasites and deadly mosquitoes aside, not to mention the stress of planning and packing for a trip, there are multiple ways that travel helps us grow ...


Traveling for the right reasons

How do we know if we are traveling for the right reasons? There are all types of people in the world as there are all types of travelers in the world. We all travel differently, with different intentions, with different mindsets. In a world like today where technology and the Internet hold so much information […]


Sex. Sleep. Yoga. Repeat.

Sleep is a big topic. An issue people have always struggled with: how to sleep more, better and deeper. A topic that is perhaps more addressed now than before, with sleep deprivation being a common concern in our hectic daily lives. So why is sleep important and what can we do to get that much […]


Podcast: Millennials on the Fear of Missing Out

Click below to tune into a podcast of millennials on the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO); about personal experiences, how to dear with FOMO and what is means for millennials to keep up with trends and social media. This podcast is an adjoining fragment to our article on How To Conquer Fear.


How to conquer Fear

We all have fears. Some people are terrified death, others of spiders or heights, some of change itself. In essence, whatever you fear, it often comes from a place of uncertainty or unknown. One of the most recent challenges millennials, those aged between 18 and 34 and who grew up into the digital world of […]