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New year, new site

Usually New Year resolutions are not something I undertake. Things change. Before I engage in my objectives for the year, I’ll present myself. Hi. I’m Sonia, a 20-something year old human with a flair for writing (scribbling perhaps is more accurate) and an enthusiast on all things mind, body and soul.

Like many others, I am a curious being. Always keen to learn about people and the world around me, discover more about my likes, dislikes and share it with others. Soul Nomads is the place where I put all this out for you to watch, read, and comment if you like.

Hello, it’s me. (Photo by Macks En)

Back to resolutions, what are they? Something you set out to do, perhaps try out for the first month, then forget about and continue enjoying and living life the way you know best: by being and doing You.

It depends on what you set out to do of course, what is attainable, achievable and how much you really want it. Some want to change and actually do change. If that is you and it is what you want, then kudos to you. Whatever your resolution is, or is not, I wish you luck. My resolution is to re-launch Soul Nomads.

What is Soul Nomads? It is a website (you are currently in it) where I plan to post content to do with – you guessed it – mind, body and soul. Not to bore you with my life, I will also feature pieces about people, places and happenings around the topics of Wellbeing, Lifestyle, Culture and Travel. All describing the idea that we are all nomads on this planet living, thinking and experiencing the same world in different ways.

Not me, I wish it was. (Photo by Pepe Reyes)

As currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland, most content will be based on experiences here. Although this may not match your current location, I will aim to report stories from a perspective that anyone, anywhere, can relate to.

So why start today? Because why not. Actually, I strategically chose today. Friday the 13th has this stigma around it, a “don’t-you-dare-stare-at-a-black-cat” kind of situation. So why not put something else out there to talk about? I personally think that all cats, except my cat when she’s moody, are lovely – if you’re a cat person, that is.

Bottom line, today is as good a day as any to write the first post of the year. I warmly welcome you to Soul Nomads’ 2017 journey!

Thanks for reading, have a soulful day.

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