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Yoga Surf: combine sport with self discovery

Not only are you healthy when you are in good physical condition, but when it is complemented by a mental and emotional balance.

More than five years ago Yoga Surf was implemented in Florida, USA. It is a modality that promotes happiness through the union of these two activities: yoga and surf.


Society today frolics around a dizzying rhythm of people constantly rushing. What Yoga Surf seeks is to help create a balance and help people become aware of who they are and their actions. The sport combines Hatha yoga and yoga asanas with surfing.

Who is Yoga Surf aimed at?

This is an activity that can and should be practiced by all. From the oldest to the youngest, beyond the fattest and the thinnest, followers and practitioners of either yoga or surfing – this is not, however, a fundamental requirement.

What matters is to have fun and be open to new sensations and emotions.

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What a Yoga Surf class looks like

Although there is no class model, the essence of what you will learn in a Yoga Surf class include the following:

  • Knowledge of the board, wave and sea
  • How to warm-up and become more flexibility through Hatha yoga asanas
  • Breathing and meditation techniques
  • Respect for the environment, and all that is around you (the wonders of the deep blue sea)

To start this sport, there are some requirements:

  • Knows how to swim
  • To have some notions of “paddle surf” (the basics to maintain the balance on a board)
  • A desire to have fun!

Together with healthy eating (that’s your part!), Yoga Surf guarantees 100% stress relief, a sense of inner peace, an energy boost, better posture and more flexibility. The main aim of this sport is to be mindful, stay focused and be happy.

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