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The benefits of getting up before 6 a.m.

Getting up early means being healthier and more productive, or so I believe. It can help you get the most out of your day: make plans, routines, goals, and exercise.

A 6 a.m. wake up can help you have…

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1) Time to plan your objectives for the day

If you plan your objectives the night before it gives you the opportunity to make them more of a reality. It also helps alleviate anxiety. Setting goals, clear goals, are essential means to combat depression and stress.

2) Time for breakfast!

This is the most important meal of the day and it should not be overlooked, especially if the reason is lack of time. It should be balanced in vitamins and slow absorption carbohydrates – such as cereals – to have energy the rest of the day. Never skip breakfast again!

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3) Time to plan your day

An early wake up gives you a different perspective on how you can enjoy the day. Getting organised helps you stay on top of your schedule and make sure to not miss a doctor’s appointment, have to postpone the trip to the supermarket or forget to go to the gym.

4) Time to exercise

Most people take the opportunity to go to the gym when they leave work. Waking up early gives you the possibility to do some exercise before starting your day. This contributes to your mood and your wellbeing. Or you can exercise at the end of the day, once you finish your work – as long as you exercise. Your body will appreciate it.

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5) Successful people wake up early

Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, wakes up at 5.30am. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is known to start sending emails at 4.30am. Tim Armstrong, CEO of AOL, gets up at 5am. Vittorio Colao, CEO of Vodafone, wakes up at 6.00am and and gets right into his 40 minutes of intense exercise. Do you want to be successful? Wake up early!

6) Time to get ahead

Getting up two hours earlier has great benefits. Waking two hours a day before the normal time means you can do 14 more hours a week and 56 hours a month.

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