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44 and counting

To start off, I want to state that this by no means is a brag. It is a superficial goal that I have had for years: to visit 50 countries by the age of 25.

As the headline well says, I have visited 44 countries in my lifetime. Although currently 23, I passed the 40 mark by 22 – but who’s counting? I am. But let me tell you why…

Since I can remember my parents, foremost my father, would whisk our family (of three) around the world. Sometimes with little notice, sometimes with a lot of notice. I was pulled out of school more often that not, to experience “the real world”, as dad would put it.

And although I loved it, I would also often feel left out when going back to my private school, that had one heck of a tuition (so why go there? I ask the same question…)… bottom line: the world was more important.

Photo by Eva Coutts


I owe every inch of my persona, of my being, to every experience, every mistake and every journey that I have made. Travel has played a big part in each, so why wouldn’t I want to keep traveling?

We all have different ways of “finding ourselves” and travel not only helps me see and experience different places but understand what I like and what I do not like about myself and the world. Sounds cliché, but isn’t that what life is about, getting to understand yourself and the humans around you, in this big world we all harmoniously (well, sort of) live in?

For some time now I have wanted to meet one of my siblings, whom I have never met, and made it a goal to visit them in their country as my 50th destination. By the age 25 I feel that I will be ready, have a deeper understanding of my mind, body and soul, and be more prepared for any outcome- or perhaps I wont. Who knows, that’s the goal anyway.

There you have the why, perhaps not a very substantial why but a why nonetheless. That is one of my dreams. Perhaps superficial on the outside, but what does that matter… Whatever dream or goal you have, never mind how big or small it may seem to others, it’s what it means to you.

Kudos to dreams ?

Below are some pics of my travels, including my very first travel (that I remember), Brazil.
And no, I do not count countries I do not remember visiting. And yes, now I’m bragging:

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