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Traveling for the right reasons

How do we know if we are traveling for the right reasons?

There are all types of people in the world as there are all types of travelers in the world. We all travel differently, with different intentions, with different mindsets.

In a world like today where technology and the Internet hold so much information about our lives, we sometimes disguise reality by posting beautiful pictures and funny statuses on social media even if we are sitting in rainy UK and going through a rough patch in our personal lives. Similarly with travel, some people embark on a trip for the sake of crossing out a box from their bucket list and not for the experience itself.

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We spoke to travel blogger Kathi Kamleitner about the different types of travelers; “there are the people who don’t really care which country they are in at [that] moment… and then there [are] people who are interested in the specific culture or history of a place.” Reasons to travel depend on the individual and their perspective on life and traveling.

The best way to learn about a place is through its people. To engage and approach locals, strangers, requires an open-mind to start with – Kathi Kamleitner

The common ground between these people is their want to travel and to do so one has to have somewhat an open-mind. “Every traveler has an open-mind or else [they] would not go travel” Kathi says, and she is quite right. Open-mindedness. Some have more of it, some have less, but how can it be measured?

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Intentions differ as we differ from each other as people. For Kathi it is about looking for stories in order to grasp the essence of locals in their daily lives, from culture to food, from family to work. The best way to learn about a place is through its people.

To engage and approach locals, strangers, requires an open-mind to start with. As Kathi states “[we] learn about different approaches to similar issues. [We] learn that people are very similar throughout the world even if they look different or behave differently.”

There are also other intentions of travel that vary between leisure and work. Some would still go on a leisure trip with laptops, cameras, work files and try enjoy their holiday. Maybe they do. Or even for the average holidaymaker who is busy snapshotting every place, every dish, and every move.

There is a huge difference in traveling the world connected to technology and addicted social media to being “there with your heart and not your camera” as travel blogger Kathi would say.

Watch what else Kathi Kamleitner has to say in the full interview below
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