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How to conquer Fear

We all have fears. Some people are terrified death, others of spiders or heights, some of change itself. In essence, whatever you fear, it often comes from a place of uncertainty or unknown. One of the most recent challenges millennials, those aged between 18 and 34 and who grew up into the digital world of […]


Stay grounded, go barefoot

With the rise of technology and continuous popularity of social media, more and more people have their heads stuck on screens. More often than not we find ourselves staying in or in our usual whereabouts rather than going out into the wild. It can be said that the media has played a role in the […]


Chocolate helps fight diabetes

I present you the best and greatest news of the century friends, eating chocolate can help you lose weight! Scientists have discovered that chocolate could help prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes. Our beloved research geeks (you have to love them) found an antioxidant in cocoa that prevented mice from gaining weight and also reduced […]