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Gluten free: trend vs. disease

The gluten-free trend has been kicking about for some time now. Dietary advice and stories on how to go gluten-free are more than overdone. Now there are articles surfacing on how gluten-free may not be as healthy as we believe it to be. A recent article in The Independent is one of them, claiming gluten-free […]


The benefits of getting up before 6 a.m.

Getting up early means being healthier and more productive, or so I believe. It can help you get the most out of your day: make plans, routines, goals, and exercise. A 6 a.m. wake up can help you have… 1) Time to plan your objectives for the day If you plan your objectives the night […]


Chocolate helps fight diabetes

I present you the best and greatest news of the century friends, eating chocolate can help you lose weight! Scientists have discovered that chocolate could help prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes. Our beloved research geeks (you have to love them) found an antioxidant in cocoa that prevented mice from gaining weight and also reduced […]


Meditate through the pain

Our body has much more power to heal itself than we know. Transcendental meditation reduces stress,  anxiety and improves individual behaviour. According to two studies conducted at the University of Drew Charles in Los Angeles and the University of Hawaii in the United States, transcendental meditation can help you reduce depression, anxiety and even stress […]