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Is traveling healthy?

Leaving constipation, parasites and deadly mosquitoes aside, not to mention the stress of planning and packing for a trip, there are multiple ways that travel helps us grow as people. Referring to mindset and mentality rather than physical health that affect the whole body nonetheless. To travel, whether it be to a neighbouring city, country […]


44 and counting

To start off, I want to state that this by no means is a brag. It is a superficial goal that I have had for years: to visit 50 countries by the age of 25. As the headline well says, I have visited 44 countries in my lifetime. Although currently 23, I passed the 40 […]


Stay grounded, go barefoot

With the rise of technology and continuous popularity of social media, more and more people have their heads stuck on screens. More often than not we find ourselves staying in or in our usual whereabouts rather than going out into the wild. It can be said that the media has played a role in the […]


Yoga Surf: combine sport with self discovery

Not only are you healthy when you are in good physical condition, but when it is complemented by a mental and emotional balance. More than five years ago Yoga Surf was implemented in Florida, USA. It is a modality that promotes happiness through the union of these two activities: yoga and surf.   Society today […]